Q: What is Senior Week? A: Senior week usually refers to a week of non-stop beach events, partying, and activities of all upperclassmen highschool students around the East Coast.Q: When is 2013 Senior Week at Myrtle Beach? A: Senior Week for Myrtle Beach Ranges from when a student gets out of class, its usually considered to be the week after graduation so senior week actually ends up being a range of several weeks from late May to early June.Q:What is a poem for seniors of 2013? A: Class of 2013 poem: Coming through with loads of fun gonna show those kids how it's done we've been called rowdy and quite loud but cause of that, we'll all stand proud ashe county high, creating a scene known in history as the class of 2013.Q:What are some of the greatest party supplies to bring with you to senior week? A: Some supplies would include a boombox, food, drinks, frisbees, baseballs and mits, footballs, beach stuff (if applicable).Q:What is a good place to stay at senior beach week? A: Myrtle Beach is one of the best places to stay for Senior Beach Week. North Myrtle Beach offers little cottages, and "Senior Trip" celebrates your hard work and achievement of High School. Check out the Rental Viewer under the main menu for a detailed list of places that rent to seniors for the beach week.