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WHAT IS THE “PLAY IT SAFE GRADUATION PROJECT”? The Ocean City Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Committee (OCDAAPC), Inc., the Town of Ocean City, MD and the Worcester County Health Department have worked together since 1989 to plan, develop, and implement the “Play It Safe” project for all high school graduates across Maryland. The project culminates in Ocean City during June each year.

- Developing, printing, and distributing “Play It Safe” booklets to high school seniors 
- Planning and implementing a statewide multimedia campaign 
- Sponsoring special alcohol and drug-free events during June which honor visiting high school graduates who choose to celebrate their graduation in Ocean City, MD

Q: What is Senior Week? A: Senior week usually refers to a week of non-stop beach events, partying, and activities of all upperclassmen highschool students around the East Coast.Q: When is 2013 Senior Week at Ocean City? A: Senior Week for Ocean CIty ranges from when a student gets out of class, its usually considered to be the week after graduation so senior week actually ends up being a range of several weeks from late May to early June.Q:What is a poem for seniors of 2013? A: Class of 2013 poem: Coming through with loads of fun gonna show those kids how it's done we've been called rowdy and quite loud but cause of that, we'll all stand proud ashe county high, creating a scene known in history as the class of 2013.Q:What are some of the greatest party supplies to bring with you to senior week? A: Some supplies would include a boombox, food, drinks, frisbees, baseballs and mits, footballs, beach stuff (if applicable).Q:What is a good place to stay at senior beach week? A: Ocean City is one of the best places to stay for Senior Beach Week. Check out the Rental Viewer under the main menu for a detailed list of places that rent to seniors for the beach week.

During Senior Week there are many kinds of events to participate in with most of them being free to attend. From Play it Safe, OC Car Show, Dew Tour and many local teen happenings! We update our calendar each year for senior week related activities as they are announced. Check back here periodically to find new events added for senior week. We will also be offering a free applications for all senior week students to download for Maryland, South Caroline, New Jersey and Delaware. 


View the entire 2014 Calendar (Here * Coming March 2014) or check out some of the main shows listed and linked below. OC Car Show / OC Air Show Dew Tour OC July 4th Fireworks Show


Each and every Tuesday in Ocean City, Maryland. check out a free fireworks and laser show.

Play it safe 2014 Calendar of Events PDF (Coming Soon)

H20 Nite Club Celebrity Meet & Greet, on select MTV nights you have the chance to meet 

OC Car Show, June 21-22, 2014

Your high school beach week memories #MySeniorWeek By Petula Dvorak Kids today?Not so bad, according to some of the readers who wrote to me to share their Senior Week memories.“My boss at the hardware store I worked at in the ’80s told me stories of how he and his buddies used to blow up lifeguard shacks in the ’60s. With dynamite. Blew up. Sky-high,” dead-panned Mark Bond, who lives in the District. Recent high school graduates from Pottsville, Pa., on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, Md. (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)He said I probably didn’t get out much as a kid. Absolutely, Mr. Bond, and you’ll swear that to my mom, okay?Others remembered their own senior weeks as drunken, memorable rites of passage that all of today’s parents remember (but won’t tell about) and now dread.“I was a Senior Week partaker more than 10 years ago, and let me say, it was no different then,” wrote one commenter, llclarityll. “The kids who go to Senior Week and obliterate themselves night after night and make seriously questionable choices or endanger themselves or others are more than likely the same kids who will be hardcore binge drinkers making the same terrible decisions in college.”One week of partying probably won’t destroy the life of someone who’s just cutting loose, argued mcqueen0831. “I graduated in ’99 and went to beach week. I partied so hard I forgot where I was the next day. I had fun that week, came back home, got a part time job and enrolled in college in the fall. Graduated, got a job and moved on with my life.”Maybe it’s the age, the time in life, the release after months of SAT prep classes, essays, tests, years and years of piano lessons. Who could blame stressed-out seniors for a little Bongzilla action?Or maybe it’s the place, something about Ocean City that turns otherwise civil and reasonable people into total wankers?That’s the theory of DigitalMan08: “Teens are one thing but Ocean City has a way of bringing out the worst in some adults, too. I’m a native Marylander that has traveled the world and nowhere have I seen the sort of behavior that occurs in OC. The drinking, power-boating, steroid taking types are out there everywhere waiting for you to look at them the wrong way. I struggle to find the reason for it too. Is it the people of the DC-Baltimore area? Who knows, but I have never seen grown adults act like belligerent high schoolers anywhere on Earth like OC.”So what are your craziest Senior Week memories? Would you let your kids go?