As graduation gets ever so close, it brings with it many things. Aside from graduation parties, commencement ceremonies, and yearbook signings, seniors will have something else to look forward to...senior week.

Senior week is a week away from all the madness. Some seniors go in big groups, others go with close friends, and some people choose not to go. Regardless, the tradition of going to the beach with your friends sometime after graduation has been around for a long time. It's definitely a big responsibility to go to the beach by yourself, but it is good practice for what is to come. Yes, you're with all your friends, but you need to rely on yourself to get certain things done. In my opinion, senior week is something everyone should experience before going to college.

I know that senior week is right around the corner, so seniors won't really benefit from my advice, but here's some ideas to make senior week more enjoyable for future seniors:

-Go with a solid group of friends so there isn't petty drama the whole week.

-Plan early because houses and hotels are hard to find closer to beach season.

-Get a job to help pay for it. This takes your parents out of the equation and puts it on your shoulders.

-Make sure there are people who are willing to drive. Don't put this off until the week before you leave.

-Pack light, but efficient. You're going to need the basics, but leave all the fancy stuff at home.

-Go over your lease with the whol group. Make sure everyone knows what they're responsible for.

The most important thing is to, of course, have fun. Do it the right way, and senior week will be a blast.


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