Senior Week 2020 : My Senior Week - Ocean City, Maryland - Senior Week 2020 : My Senior Week - Ocean City, Maryland

  • Financing Housing & Rentals for Senior Week

    How to afford Senior Week for the newly 2014 graduate!

    The caps have been thrown, the yearbooks have been signed and the parents have been convinced – Senior Week 2014 is right around the corner. But seniors, there are some tips of the trade you should listen to before you pack up your bathing suits (and maybe your beer +21) and head to the beach. There have been many posts and questions asked about how much it costs for Senior Week, we at My Senior Week wanted to help guide you in the right direction. (Top 10 Tips for Senior Week)

    First off finding a rental or place to stay during senior week can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to thousands! If you want to be right on the boardwalk and closer to the inlet then you will be paying premium dollar for your housing. If you can choose to be in the higher streets it will decrease the rental price. Looking for a senior week friendly house is hard because most seniors get a bad reputation from past years. Noise violations, drug use and extra people in your rental are just a few reasons you can automatically become evicted. If you want to learn more check out the "Busted" section. 

    Staying at senior week for a week means 7 days of fun! It also means over 21 meals (lots of water), H20 Nite Club entrance money ($10 before 8:30 and $20 after), T-shirts memorabilia, suntan lotion (because everyone forgets it), and lots of other expenses. Even being smart with your money you are going to need at least $500 to $1000. Keeping at least $100 in cash is also helpful as most places on the boardwalk take cash, though they are slowly switching to taking credit cards. 










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